What Benefits Can Email Marketing Offer You?

by Amelia Hodges on February 22, 2022 in Online Marketing

Email marketing has many benefits for businesses. It's cost-effective, easy to set up, and there are a variety of tools available that allow you to create professional emails without any design skills. In the following article we will look at 10 ways in which email marketing can benefit your business.

1. It's cost-effective and eco-friendly:

Email marketing is an affordable and environmentally-friendly way to promote your business, or to attract new customers. The money you spend on email marketing will bring much better returns than spending the same amount of money on other types of promotion.

“Unlike print advertising, emails don’t require any paper or production which makes them better for the environment” says Impact Labs who rebrand companies in an environmentally responsible way, “Email marketing is easy to set up and use, no matter what size your company is, so it can benefit small local businesses as well as large companies”.

man opening email in mobile phone

2. It builds your brand:

As people receive emails from you, they form an impression of your business based on what they see in those emails.
“Emails designed with a professional design and easy to read language will help them to think more favourably of your company” says Poskitt who specialise in graphic design, “Sending out regular emails will help to build your company's brand and give people a good idea of what they can expect from you”.

3. It gains you new customers:

Email marketing is a great way of attracting new customers to your business, as it allows you to target potential customers directly. If the emails contain interesting and relevant information for a particular group of people, they will open them and read them, hopefully giving you a chance to impress them with your business.

4. It gives you a better return on investment:

As we mentioned earlier, email marketing is a great choice if you want a cost-effective way of promoting your business that will bring good returns on your investment. This is because it reaches a wide number of people quickly and easily, so the return on sending out a promotional email is quite high.

5. You can measure your results easily:

As well as the benefit of getting results, it's important for businesses to be able to measure their results and see how effective their marketing campaign has been. The ability to do this will help you decide if it's worth continuing with email marketing or not. You can track how many people are opening your emails, how many times they've been opened, and even the number of links that have been clicked by customers.

6. It's easy to set up:

As there are a wide range of email marketing services available for businesses to use, it is now easier than ever to create and send out professional-looking email marketing campaigns.

“There are even simple tools that allow you to code your own emails with little or no design experience” says Managed IT Experts, “It's easy for just about any business to use this type of promotion no matter what the marketer’s skill level is”.

7. It helps to generate leads for other forms of marketing:

Email marketing can be used alongside other types of promotion, such as social media or search engine marketing. By doing this, you can help to generate new leads for other forms of promotion. For example, one of your emails could include a link to your website that people can visit to find out more about your business.

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8. You can automate some aspects of email marketing:

As well as making your email marketing campaigns easy to set up, there are systems that allow you to automate certain aspects of the process. If you're sending out regular newsletters for example, using an automated system can mean that all you need to do is upload the content and it will be sent out when scheduled.

9. You can send emails at any time without any restrictions:

Because email marketing doesn't rely on a particular time of day, you can send out emails whenever it suits you. For example, if you want to target prospective customers in your local area, you could set up an automated email campaign that sends a newsletter just after lunchtime every Tuesday and Thursday.

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10. You can use email marketing to build relationships with customers:

Email marketing can be used to establish a relationship with potential and existing customers by engaging in conversation with them. You could send out emails that prompt readers to reply, asking questions for example or giving them the chance to submit feedback on their experience of your business. You can then respond to any messages you receive, allowing you to build relationships with your customers and helping them feel valued.