Unlock Your Business Growth with Strategic Marketing Excellence.

As a CEO or Chairman, your challenges are unique and require more than standard Investor Relations solutions.

You need a strategic partner who can craft persuasive messages, develop effective marketing strategies, and expertly manage crises—skills that go beyond what an IR company typically offers.

A Visionary in Business Growth and Strategic Innovation

Rudy's nearly four-decade career in sales, marketing, and advertising includes leading his own successful advertising agency for 15 years. His approach is underscored by a steadfast commitment to results, working closely with company decision-makers and public boards to exceed specific business objectives.

rudy labordus

Here's How I Can Help...

  • Engaging Stakeholders: Create compelling messages that resonate with investors, employees, and customers.
  • Boosting Shareholder Value: Implement marketing campaigns that enhance your brand and attract investors.
  • Crisis Management: Navigate challenges with clear, strategic communication to maintain trust and protect your reputation.
  • Enhancing Corporate Identity: Develop a strong, cohesive identity fostering a positive perception among all stakeholders.
  • Driving Strategic Growth: Provide expert guidance on strategic initiatives and business development opportunities, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success.

Strategic Business Consulting

Deep insights to identify growth opportunities.

Branding and
Creative Excellence

Evolving brand identity to resonate across all mediums.

Problem Solving

Creative strategies to address complex business challenges.

Leadership and Executive Advisory

Strategic marketing guidance for senior executives.

Marketing Insight

Data-driven campaigns delivering measurable results.

Client Success Stories

With decades of experience and a proven track record, our marketing strategies have generated significant value for clients across various industries.  By focusing on strategic creativity and data-driven results, we help businesses achieve their goals and grow their supporter base.

Rudy delivers amazing quality products and provides simple messaging for complex businesses. 


George Bauk

Northern Minerals

Rudy has been instrumental helping our company rebrand and reposition our image within the global rare earth market.

charles lew

Charles Lew

Hastings Tech Metals

Extremely creative and innovative thinker capable of translating a companies vision into effective digital marketing.

A man in a blue suit and checkered shirt smiles broadly while sitting in an indoor setting.

Tom Revy

Evion Group

Rudy elevated us to new heights, profoundly enhancing our internal engagement and stakeholder communication.

richard hay

Richard Hay

Gascoyne Resources

Fresh and innovative ideas that have substantial cut-through. Truly one of Australia's best.

A picture of Kate o'Hara

Kate O'Hara

Capital Group

Rudy's strategic and creative flair helped us perfectly communicate our vision and purpose from inception.

stephen strubel

Stephen Strubel

ChemX Materials

Why Your Investor Relations (IR) Firm Should NOT Handle Your Marketing

Why Your Investor Relations (IR) Firm Should NOT Handle Your Marketing

  • Compliance Vs. Creativity
  • Investor Relations Vs. Consumer Engagement
  • Financial Reporting Vs. Strategic Market Growth
  • Compliance Vs. Creativity
  • Investor Relations Vs. Experience
  • Reporting Vs. Strategic Growth
Two professionals in suits, one man and one woman, stand facing each other and smiling while holding coffee cups.
Eight people are seated around a conference table in a bright room, actively discussing and exchanging documents.

Understanding the Synergy

While Investor Relations are critical for public companies to adhere to regulations and communicate effectively with investors, our role is to elevate interest in your company, foster engagement, and tell a compelling story that motivates action.

Think of it this way: asking an IR firm to handle creative and strategic marketing is like asking an accountant to cook a gourmet meal. Both roles are essential, but they require very different skills and mindsets.

Here’s why using both
can significantly benefit your business:

Specialised Stakeholder Engagement

  • IR Firms:  Focus on regulatory compliance and effective investor communications.
  • Potential Issue:  May lack the innovative edge needed for compelling branding.
  • Our Value:  We deeply understand stakeholder behaviour and leverage psychology to craft messages that resonate, resulting in engaging campaigns that turn stakeholders into advocates, boosting your company’s reputation and loyalty.
Six people in business attire are engaged in a meeting around a semi-circular wooden table with laptops, documents, and coffee cups. The room has a decorated wall feature and a closed white door.
Person working at a desk with a laptop, color swatches, and various colored papers, seemingly involved in a design project.

Creative Innovation

  • IR Firms:  Emphasise regulatory adherence and factual accuracy.
  • Potential Issue:  Might not fully understand consumer psychology and creative marketing.
  • Our Value:  We excel in developing unique and compelling branding strategies that make your business stand out, ensuring innovative and creative strategies that not only attract attention but also foster emotional connections
    with your audience.

Expertise in Digital Marketing

  • IR Firms:  Manage investor relations and financial PR.
  • Potential Issue:  May not prioritise comprehensive market growth strategies.
  • Our Value:  We specialise in digital promotion, user experience (UX) design, and data-driven campaigns that enhance your online presence and drive engagement, resulting in a robust digital presence and strategy that maximises your online reach and effectively converts interest into support.
A person working at a desk with a laptop, two monitors displaying charts and code, and papers with charts.
Three people in business attire discuss charts and graphs on a table. One person points to a document on a clipboard while another takes notes.

Strategic Business Growth

  • IR Firms:  Focus on maintaining investor confidence and regulatory compliance.
  • Potential Issue:  Might not prioritise comprehensive growth strategies beyond financial metrics.
  • Our Value:  We identify business growth opportunities and develop comprehensive strategies to meet key performance indicators (KPIs), resulting in tailored growth strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring measurable success.

Proven Results

  • IR Firms:  Manage investor expectations through compliance and accurate financial reporting.
  • Potential Issue:  Often act as a strategic advisor to management without a focus on creative growth.
  • Our Value:  We have a proven track record of generating significant value through our strategic, innovative, and conversion-focused marketing efforts, providing assurance of quantifiable results, backed by decades of experience and numerous success stories.
A group of five colleagues in an office celebrate a success, smiling and raising their fists around a desk with documents and a laptop.

While IR firms are crucial for regulatory compliance and investor relations, our marketing services help engage, convince and convert. We build results. 

Ready to transform Investor Relations
into a conversion powerhouse?

Don't wait for results.  Start the journey today.