Video Examples

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Video in Marketing

Video is an extremely strong way to convey a message - whether that's selling, teaching or simply motivating someone into action. We manage every element including script writing, filming and editing, sourcing stock footage and 3d animation right through to finding the right music to tie it all together.  Below are some examples showing  various video creative styles for landing pages, promotional events, corporate videos and ads.  

Northern Minerals Corporate (2:57)
Australian Dysprosium (1:48)
Working At Browns Range (2:39)
Dalgaranga Gold (2:39)
Envirostream (Recycling) (2:13)
Northern Minerals HR (2:27)
Soluna Solar Panels (2:05)
Very Small Particle Company (2:45)
Asian Miners Expo (extended) (4:47) (1:30)
Soluna Battery Storage (0:53)
Behind The Scene - Metropol (1:33)
Behind The Scene - Nicheliving (1:16)
iDTags (1:32) (1:30)
Reduce Tax (0:30)
Happy Birthday (0:15)
Free Solar Report (1:27) (1:06)
Invest in Apartments (0:30)
Customers (0:30)