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Results Focused

As our name implies, we're a performance based digital agency focussing on finding, attracting and cultivating customers.


Customers First

Making something look pretty is nice, but not if you don't end up with more customers. We always start with a 'customers first' strategy.


21 Tactics. Can You Guess?

Can you spot all 21 marketing tactics we've used on our website to attract more customers to us?  100 points if you can. 🙂

Why we believe Customers is Australia's #1 Digital Agency

We’re a passionate, performance focused digital agency committed to getting you results - not just make you look pretty.

We start by analysing your business (and your competitors) to find the ideal customers. We then develop effective digital marketing strategies to attract more of those customers to your business. We put systems in place to capture and convert these leads to sales and then nurture them to become 'fanatic advocates' and repeat clientele.

Marketing isn't rocket science, but it IS a structured process.

The right 'customers first' process will:

  • Find new prospects
  • Bring them to your door
  • Convert them to sales and
  • Expand your business

Check out what some of our past and present clients have to say below and then book a free appointment or request a call back. We would love to get to know you and help your business grow too.

An overview of our services

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Strategic Planning

Management and Consulting
Planning and Insights
Analytics and Technology
Marketing Automation
Sales Pipeline Development



Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Video Marketing
Local Marketing


Search and Social

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Management
Social Pages Setup



Website Design & Development
Viral Competitions
Podcasts and Webinars
Live Chat and Chat Bots



Digital Communications
News And E-Newsletters
Press Releases
Articles And Social Content
Videography & Animation



Logos And Visual Language
Infographics, Custom Imagery
Banner Ads
Landing Pages

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See what other professionals are saying ...

Rudy delivers amazing quality products and provides simple messaging for complex businesses. 


George Bauk

Northern Minerals

Fresh and innovative ideas that have substantial cut-through. Truly one of Australia's best.

A picture of Kate o'Hara

Kate O'Hara

Capital Group

Rudy has been instrumental helping our company rebrand and reposition our image within the global rare earth market.

charles lew

Charles Lew

Hastings Tech Metals

The â€śoutside the dots” mind set Rudy has is truly great and this is the sort of inspiration we need.

A picture of a man with some people in the background.

Damian Ten Bohmer

Rydges Hotels

We increased our vote by around 50%!  The result was the best and most professional campaign AC has ever been involved in.

Dwight Randall

Dwight Randall

Australian Christians

Dynamic, innovative and creative. You certainly don't get that level of personalised service and attention to detail from many other organisations.

A picture of a woman

Ellen Botha

Coles Myer Properties

"After 35 years helping local and national businesses across Australia reach their full potential, and with over 20 million dollars invested in advertising and marketing campaigns, Rudy is the perfect leader to launch Customers and help many more businesses across Australia learn how to double and triple the growth of their business." More about Rudy Labordus....


As you grow your business with us, we'll help you discover who your ideal customers are, attract more of them and cultivate your customers by nurturing them and expanding their numbers. We'll show you what strategies, tactics and resources to look out for, PLUS how to analyse and measure results for controlled growth.  

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Rudy Labordus

CEO and Founder

Our presenter

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