Ways To Make Your Website More Credible And Make More Sales

by Rudy on December 5, 2019 in Resources

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Trust is the most important factor in determining how your website converts. If prospects don’t trust your site, they aren’t going to give you their information or use their credit cards to make purchases.

Increased credibility = increased sales!

Here’s a quick list of credibility enhancers that you can implement quickly to increase the credibility of your website and make it easier to buy from you.

Put your best foot forward.

The reality of our world is that appearances matter. An outdated website design signals that your business is out of touch, and maybe performing poorly. Neither creates credibility or trust! Here are three things you can do to upgrade your site’s appearance so you’re putting your best foot forward:

Upgrade your theme.

Website themes are very affordable and abundant these days. Make sure you find a current theme that looks good and is mobile-optimized.

Upgrade your photos.

Don’t use stock photos...or at least not ones that look like stock photos. And never, ever use clip art! Hire a professional photographer to take some pictures for you or license unique images from a pro, and you’ll immediately upgrade the appearance of your site.

Update your font.

Studies have shown that your website font actually impacts the believability of the claims you make on your website. Font matters! Make sure you’re using fonts that are proven winners on the web and that are big enough to easily read.

Make it easy to reach you.

Nobody likes to do business with a company that makes it feel like they are hiding from their customers! Make it easy to get in touch!

Make your phone number highly visible.

Your phone number should be visible above the fold on every page of your website.

Add a live chat option.

Adding a live chat tool like Drift to your site is a very simple way to show that you’re real and that you’re available!

Make your physical address visible and add a map.

Make sure your physical address is visible. If you have a retail business that people need to drive to, make sure it’s accessible from your homepage and link to a Google Map that directs users to your address.

Leverage social proof.

You can say all of the good things you want about your company and your products...it will never be as effective as the things your customers say about you. Let your happy customers do your talking for you!

Include customer reviews.

Show off those four and five-star reviews...they are one of the most important factors in making prospects feel comfortable about working with you.

Add testimonial videos.

Don’t stop with simple reviews - include testimonial videos to add even more credibility and personality!

Highlight any good press you get.

Use a ‘Press Page to link to press mentions, blog posts, and social posts others create about your business.

Highlight professional affiliations.

Are you a member of a trade association? Have you been certified by an industry source? Won any awards? Don’t keep it a secret!

Add a personal touch.

Today’s consumers want to know the people behind the companies they are buying from. Here’s how you can add a personal touch to the experience:


Add pictures and bios of your team to your site. Write informal bios that highlight your team’s interests, hobbies, families and more - show that you are real!


Using video and pictures to show your team at work or how your products are produced makes you more relatable and trustworthy.

Real pictures

Sometimes it’s best to ditch the professional photography and just share the more raw reality of your world. Use your social accounts to share more informal pictures and embed them on your site.

Be a pro.

A lot of the tips above are designed to make your business feel more relatable and friendly. But when it comes to opening up their wallets, customers still want to know you do business like a pro. Here are ways to show you mean business:

Make your guarantee or refund policy very visible.

Show that you stand behind your products with confidence!

Make your privacy policy visible.

Make it clear that you’re going to protect their valuable information.

Make it clear how to reach support.

How you’ll handle things when they go wrong says a lot about you. Make it easy!

Have a secure domain on checkout pages.

This is a big one! Invest in an SSL certificate and secure your domains at all transaction points.

Take Action!

Credibility and trust impact sales. Use the tips outlined above to create an action plan to upgrade your site’s credibility so that you don’t leave any money on the table!

Author: Rudy Labordus

Rudy Labordus is an Internationally acclaimed author, marketing strategist and speaker. He has been instrumental in helping launch and develop several multi million dollar businesses around Australia and excels in developing innovative, strategic and creative solutions that produce exceptional results for his clients.