IGTV is Hot! Here's How To Use It To Market Your Business

by Rudy on December 10, 2019 in Resources

IGTV got off to a very slow start when it first launched, but thanks to recent developments, it’s now on fire! Video content is exploding in general, and IGTV has created an opportunity to create longer-form video content (up to 10 minutes long) on Instagram, today’s most engaging and fastest-growing social media platform.

Let’s talk about why IGTV is now taking off (it’s important to understand why so you can create an effective strategy) and how you can take advantage of it to market your business.

What’s changed with IGTV?

There are three recent updates to IGTV that have really made it take off:

‘Preview’ the video on your main feed

The most important change to the platform is the ability to put a one-minute ‘preview’ of your IGTV video on your main Instagram feed. The main Instagram feed has so much visibility and engagement, that this small change drives a ton of visibility, traffic and engagement to your IGTV channel.

Post landscape video

A very recent update to IGTV that makes it much easier to use for many of you is the ability to post video content that was filmed with a landscape orientation. For years, most of us were shooting video in landscape orientation - now all of that content can be used on IGTV!

Add external links

Instagram is pretty notoriously stingy when it comes to letting you post external links. For years, the only link option was on your profile. Then Instagram let Story content have links for qualifying accounts. But everyone using IGTV can post an external link from each and every piece of content! This gives you the ability to link to other content, offers, or anything else you’d like to draw attention to.

How to Capitalize on the Opportunity with IGTV

Keep it informal

You don’t have to worry about putting on a Hollywood production on IGTV. The Instagram community is a very ‘social’ network, and they appreciate authentic content over being marketed to.

Create content that engages

Certain types of content are proven winners. Here are a few that work in almost any market:

● Tips
● Behind the scenes
● Interviews
● Demonstrations
● Opinions on current events

Don’t worry about creating that ‘perfect’ piece of content. Remember, Instagram appreciates authenticity. And you can always delete it!

Share previews

Before posting your IGTV content you’ll have the option to share a preview to your main Instagram feed. This feature is what has made IGTV grow like crazy because it allows you to capitalize on the huge audience that sees the main Instagram feed.

The preview is a minute-long segment of your footage that, once viewed for the full minute, will have a button for your audience to ‘view the rest’ on your IGTV channel. This is your best distribution channel for your IGTV content!

Customize your preview image

When you share your Preview, you can also customize your Preview image. Choose an image that will look good in your feed, and add an attention-grabbing headline to it.

Use keywords

You can add keywords to your IGTV description - do it! Keywords are a major source of traffic on Instagram, and adding them will help your IGTV channel be found by new audiences.

Share your videos on other channels

Every IGTV video has a permanent URL link, which gives you the ability to share it anywhere you’d like - on your website, in an email to your audience, on Twitter, etc. Take advantage of any other channel where you have an audience to drive people to your IGTV channel.

Share to your Story

When looking at your IGTV video, you’ll see a share button that will allow you to share the Preview image of your IGTV content like an Instagram Story. Instagram Story’s get a lot of traffic and continue to grow in popularity, so share your IGTV Preview Image there to attract even more visitors.

Your turn!

New content channels create an ‘arbitrage’ opportunity to attract and acquire new audiences more affordable than on other content channels. IGTV is a major opportunity to do just that - take advantage of it!

Author: Rudy Labordus

Rudy Labordus is an Internationally acclaimed author, marketing strategist and speaker. He has been instrumental in helping launch and develop several multi million dollar businesses around Australia and excels in developing innovative, strategic and creative solutions that produce exceptional results for his clients.