How A/B Split Testing Can Improve Your Results By 225%

Get More Customers via A/B Testing

Here's a common problem that faces website owners and developers every day. Visitors are simply not converting when they're visiting your website. They're showing up for a few seconds and then just moving on! It's obvious that there's something stopping them from staying long enough to convert. You might think that the only answer is to just have your design team start creating new designs for your website, but you could still be facing the same problem if those new designs don’t convert more visitors than the original designs. Right? So, how can you possibly figure out what the solution really is? Enter A/B Split Testing, which very well could be the optimum answer to your problem.

A-B comparison

New vs. Original

In a nutshell, A/B split testing is a process designed to test multiple new webpage designs vs. the original page design. The main goal, of course, is to determine which of the two designs is generating more conversions. The original page design is generally referred to as “the control”. The new page designs are then referred to as the “challengers”, “recipes”, or simply “variations”. The process is simply referred to as the “experiment” or the “test”.

A Controlled Experiment

A/B Split Testing is basically the same as performing controlled experiments and can be applied to web pages but also so much more. The concept started with print advertising campaigns and direct mail being tracked by using a different phone number for each and every new version. These days, you can easily split test email subject lines, banner ads, TV commercials, text ads, and even web products.


conversion rate

What a “conversion” actually entails varies based on what your website actually does along with the page you’re testing. If you have an e-commerce website, then conversions would involve visitors placing orders. If it’s a SaaS website, then conversions would be visitors subscribing to your service. And, if it happens to be a lead generation website, conversions would be visitors filling out contact forms. However, none of these can happen if your web page is not keeping them on your site long enough to do anything. You can remedy that with effective A/B split testing. So, what're you waiting for? Time is money and you're obviously losing some of both by not acting on this information and continuing to struggle with low conversion rates.

One Example

The homepage on your e-commerce website is receiving 100,000 monthly visitors. For the purpose of determining if there’s a good method for increasing conversions, your design team starts creating a new homepage design. You use A/B split testing to discover that 50,000 of those visitors are being directed to your control page and 50,000 to your challenger. Since you’re testing to see which page generates more conversions, then you’ll compute the conversions and be able to determine which one is the winning design. This is, of course, based on the total number of conversions from each page.

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